Prime Design Memphis, LLC was started by Mary Jones and Kendall Franklin, a mother-daughter design duo from Memphis, TN. Mary studied interior design and finance while her daughter, Kendall, studied Art and Education. Mary's experience with architectural and space planning is a huge influence on their designs, while her finance degree helps her handle the accounting side of the business. Kendall brings to the company an innate sense of order, balance, and aesthetics. 

Mary and Kendall have always had a love for homes and interior design. They both have a natural ability to see the full potential of a space, not for what it is, but what it could be.  Together they collaborate to create spaces for the way people live today, while still honoring the style and age of the houses they design. Mary and Kendall have experience renovating both older and newer, dated homes. However, they are especially attracted to fixer upper projects on older homes that need extensive renovations to not only improve them aesthetically, but also make them safer, more functional for families, and a better use of space/square footage. Their design style is simple, clean, practical, and always "on trend." Their color palette always begins with soft, timeless neutrals and is balanced with pops of colors, patterns, and textures. 


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